About Us

Why Party Higher Venue?

After running Australia’s Largest Wireless Headphone company since 2011 Paul Rosenberg – The Director decided to open up a very unique venue (entertainment space).

“Party Higher had started as a part time home business and had taken over my garage, dining room, hallway and spare bedroom. I knew I needed to find an office with a storage area. At the same time many parents had asked me do we have a venue. So in searching for an office and warehouse space I decided I may as well get a slightly bigger space so we could run our Silent Disco 4 Kids parties in them. Then in looking around I decided well I may as well get a little bit bigger space so we could do some fun adult events at the venue too.”

800sqm later Party Higher Entertainment Complex was born.

We transformed an empty warehouse into the coolest, most versatile, exciting venue space in Melbourne.

Looking for different activities never tried before?
Looking for flexibility in food options, food trucks, grazing tables, cocktail, own food
Looking for the most interactive dance floor in Australia?
Silent Disco comes with venue Free or use our speakers

“I wanted to create somewhere that wowed people on entry and every turn they made.

With a secret garden, laser maze room, arcade room, axe throwing, basketball, speed arena cave, light up bar and furniture and more, meticulous planning has gone into creating a space to impress you and your guests.”

Most importantly it is a Fun place!!!!  

Who We Are

Party Higher is an Entertainment Company and Venue which specialises in Wireless Headphone Services such as SILENT DISCOS, SILENT DISCO 4 KIDS, SILENT TEAM BUILDING, SILENT CONFERENCES, SILENT YOGA…etc. We are The Australian Silent Disco Specialists and are the only National Company with staff and equipment in each state.

​Several years ago one of the Directors Paul Rosenberg was at a festival and experienced the buzzing phenomena of Silent Disco. He loved it so much he decided to volunteer and get involved. Paul thought why should this amazingly fun and exhilarating experience be for only those who attend festivals? So he set out to create a Silent Disco experience that could be available to ALL.

Whether you are looking for a Silent Disco kids party with activities or games or want to make your fundraising fete super fun, your corporate event more engaging or create a special accessible experience for everyone, then Party Higher is your solution. Party Higher will make your special event the most memorable event ever!

At Party Higher we believe:

  1. You deserve 100% FUN – If it’s not fun, we don’t do it.
  2. You can enjoy technology with fun, education and exercise at the same time.
  3. Your entertainment should be unique, fun and leave a memorable life experience.
  4. Accessiblity and Inclusion should be provided at all events in Australia.

Our Mission Statement

“Party Higher aim to be the best and most innovative Wireless Headphone Event & Hire Company in the World.”

“To bring Fun, Exhilaration and a Unifying Experience to all our Silent Disco Customers.”

“To provide & explore the possibilities of how Wireless Technologies can benefit the Community.”

Party Higher's Values

Our aim at Party Higher is to create amazing lasting memories, and to create fun, inclusive all-ability events that are awe-inspiring.

Inclusive: Our inclusiveness policy with our wireless headphone services (provides for kids living with autism) and now with our new interactive immersive Silent Disco Experience with vests (all-abilities, including hearing-impaired), everyone can feel the music being played, which is a world first.

Teamwork: We all work together to get things done.

Integrity: We offer a 100% satisfaction Guarantee – no other event company does this.

We make a difference: Party Higher makes a positive difference to society. We have had boys come up to our facilitators and say I used to hate to dance but now I love it. We help parents to be able to send their excited kids to school holiday programs, wanting to go. We make a difference for parents and families. Kids and adults can let go, feel like they are invisible, and experience something blissful, exhilarating and unifying.

Prepare for a new level of fun!

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