18th and 21st

18th and 21st birthdays at Party Higher Venue

Do you want to wow your guests at your 18th or 21st birthday – and have the most fun ever – while being in a totally unique, secure space? 

Are you looking for music at your event that will have everyone up on the dance floor having the best time? 

How do you please family members of all ages, your friends, and your own taste in music, simultaneously?

The solution is the Party Higher Venue, with our wireless headphone or speakers option.  Our venue is the perfect space to entertain all ages at your 18th or 21st birthday. 

While getting given a giant key at your 21st might have been phased out, what has stayed constant is the need for joy, connection and the making of memories at your special event.

What makes the Party Higher Venue so unique?

You really must see our venue for yourself – it’s Australia’s only wireless headphone venue, and the perfect balance of classy and fun – like nothing you have ever seen before, featuring:

Games and activities, facilitated by our professional party host:

Lots of other games and activities to choose from to add to your package:

Party Higher has taken the guess work out of planning so you can relax and have fun:

Just imagine how special your 18th or 21st will be, when you can relax and make memories with friends and family, and not have to worry about setting up, or cleaning up, or entertaining guests.

You will be dancing away on the dance floor with all your friends to your favourite artists and music, rather than having to run around being a party host.
With amazing sound and clarity for speeches at your event, the latest music hits on playlists and our professional lighting set up – your event will be so much fun.

Security and Safety at your event:

It’s tricky to find a venue for an 18th or 21st party – due to a lot of pubs, venues and halls considering the risk of unwanted behavior often by patrons who were never invited to the party in the first place! You can rest assured that only the invitees will be able to enter your special event, and we can organize in-house security to ensure guests can relax and have fun and the event runs smoothly. Additionally the Party Higher venue location minimizes the chance of any “walk by” gate crashers when compared to many other locations.

Here’s some other things that we have set up to ensure a safe venue:

  • Young adults party safely – as we have delicious Daiquiri machines on premises set up (99% fruit based) 
    • Non-alcoholic slushies so underage guests do not feel left out.
    • Keep guests consuming alcohol hydrated whilst they enjoy their beverages.
  • No shots policy – Means no one is sent home intoxicated and feeling sick.
  • Designated, secure cloak room.
  • No pass outs – all guests will be safely able to roam freely around our entertainment complex and in our Secret Garden, especially useful for those guest that smoke or vape, eliminating the need to go outside and potential for altercations.
  • Customized wrist bands – personalized for your event so that Over 18’s can have access alcohol.

Food and Beverages

Guests can grab a drink from our light up programmable long bar and take a break sitting on our LED light up furniture. 

Providing food and snacks for your guests is easy – you have the option of selecting from a variety of food trucks, caterers, or BYO. We will even provide you with trestle tables. 

Check out the caterers list here.  

Endless Entertainment Options

Party Higher’s venue can be used day or night and is blacked out for daytime use.  

Inside – there is up to 800m of entertainment areas – which includes use of our Light up Air Hockey table and Light up Foosball table, as well as a secret garden outside for your guests to chill and relax. 

Our blow-up colour changing Photo Booth is always a huge hit, creating snaps and lasting memories.  

For family friendly events, we will keep the younger kids entertained too with optional UV Party activities for Kids including: 

  • Glow Bowling 
  • Glow Volleyball 
  • Giant Glow Connect Four
  • Glow Art and 
  • Silent Disco 4 Kids™ facilitated games 

 Most importantly our services come with a 100% FUN Guarantee* that is how confident we are that your child and guests will have the most memorable event ever.