1) The worst mistake you could ever make:

Spend money on décor instead of activities and entertainment.

Some people think balloon garlands or helium balloons with your name on it or a birthday number or streamers will make the party special….the truth
is if you are having your party at home or in a boring hall then yes some decorations are important to create some atmosphere. However too often people spend their limited budget on these decorations first, and then think about activities and entertainment last….BIG MISTAKE!!!!!

Nobody remembers the balloons or flower arrangements, but they remember the fun the activities the Entertainment. Think about the last event you went to, do you remember the balloons or flowers?

If you have a limited budget, we recommend sorting out the activities/entertainment first, then with what is left use on any decor or accessories.

p.s. Party Higher has decked out it’s new Venue/Entertainment Space with lots of lights, lasers, neon signs and décor so no need to waste your money. You can go on a virtual tour here.

Want to wow guests/birthday person why not ask us for a customised neon name sign they can keep after the event and put up in their room.

2) How to totally kill your party vibe!

Have speeches broken up over the night and not timed. Too often we have seen this mistake, so we now ask for a running sheet and give our free expert advice and support in creating a running sheet with you.

If you have speeches planned best to do them all in one go, short, sharp and sweet – as the saying goes. Every time you stop the dancing and socializing for speeches you stop the vibe and the momentum has to be built up again.

So, keep speeches short (e.g. 2 – 5 minutes each) – have them pretimed and tell each person how long they have. If you’re adding a video keep it short too.

3) I have a friend who can DJ. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

If you think you are saving money with a friend DJ’ing then think twice.

Unless he/she are an experienced/professional DJ for the crowd and genre you are having, do not risk it. We have seen amateur DJ’s blow-up speakers a few times costing you more in the end. A dud DJ no matter how well you know them will kill the dance floor and ruin your event and complicate even the best of friendships.

All of Party Higher’s experienced, professional DJs know how to read the crowd and tailor the music to ensure everyone hits the dance floor. We make sure they have consulted with you to find out your favourite songs and most disliked songs too ensuring you love the music and your guests
do too.

The ultimate solution is to have your event with one of our DJ’s and two playlists with a Silent Disco. Our Melbourne Venue in Moorabbin also caters for music played out loud through speakers too.

4) NEVER DO THIS at a kid’s party!!!!! Have food accessible for kids to graze on.

Don’t do it!

Feed guests within 30minutes – 1 hr after arrival time (adult event).

Feed Kids at around 1 hr into a 2-hr party. This enables them to have a break/rest from dancing and all the fun active activities we do and to refuel
them for more fun.

If you create a grazing table or leave bowls of food out near kids/in same area/room as dancing and activities are then they will keep going to it. This disrupts the momentum and flow of the party.

Keep snack or mealtimes to set times when we announce to all guests food has been served or glow fairy floss is now available. (Yes we actually do glow fairy floss at our Venue – very cool huh?)

5) Bad Mistake – Run out of drinks/food

If you are planning a kid’s party, don’t have just one box per kid or one hotdog per kid always have something extra in case a child is still hungry or there are extra kids/siblings brought along.

If you’re planning an adult party and there is alcohol, it’s always good to have some snack food at least. If running an 18th or 21st Party Higher’s Venue policy is Pizza and Sushi at least so guests are not drinking on an empty stomach.

It doesn’t matter if you have an extra pizza or fruit platter, someone will eat it over the next few days.

At Party Higher Venue we arrange alcohol for adult parties so if you do not drink it you do not pay for it.

Only pay for what is consumed/opened. It is so much better to have more than you need, than to run out. We hope now you are aware of these 5 major mistakes made at events.


  1. Spend on décor instead of activities/entertainment.
  2. Scattered speeches and untimed.
  3. Use an amateur DJ.
  4. Leave food out for kids Party for them to help themselves whenever.
  5. Run out of drinks/food.

Party Higher do 1000’s of events each year and over the past 12 years know what works to make your event an incredible memorable experience.

If you have any questions or are looking to have any type of event then please feel free to call us or email us 1300734726 or enquiries@partyhigher.com.au to get FREE professional advice or to check if our NEW COOL MELBOURNE Venue is available for your date.

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